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Oilseed Grinding Equipment

For Dependable Results

The seeds of plants with a high oil or fat content are called oilseeds and can be used for the industrial production of vegetable oil, machine oil or biodiesel. Depending on the region, the main sources of vegetable oils are soybean, rape seed, sunflower seed and palm oil.

Bauermeister offers different types of mills necessary for industrial oil production and press cake exploitation. Bauermeister Roller Mills can effectively pre-crush the cleaned raw seeds. The Bauermeister Flaker introduces a high amount of pressure that leads to the breaking of the oilseed cell walls. These steps are necessary to enable an effective winning of the oil in the oil press that follows. A very popular choice as a Crusher is the VWR250.1 x 1250. The ZWG800 x 2100 is often sold as the corresponding Flaker, each with an approximate output of 500 t/d.

Grinding of Oilseed Press Cake

While the main aim in oil mills is the oil production, many oilseeds contain other valuable ingredients such as fibers and proteins. The press cake from oil production also contains about 10% of oil which cannot be won by pressing or extraction. While the press cake is often used as animal feed there is a rising interest in exploiting the nutritional value for the human diet. Depending on the intended use, different particle sizes are required. They can be produced on Bauermeister Universal Mills. An even finer product can be achieved with a combination of the mill and a Bauermeister Air Classifier.

Many Bauermeister mills are established all around the world for the flaking of oilseeds or the grinding of oil seed press cake. For every application there is an optimal combination of mill parameters depending on the desired fineness and throughput. The right mill setup and integration of the mill into a production plant depend on the general conditions as well as on the individual requirements of every plant operator. For the evaluation of the criteria, Bauermeister specialists are available for a competent consultation.

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