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Dry Grinding/
Compound Coating

Bauermeister dry grinding coating systems produce compound coatings, work exclusively on chocolate or can produce both chocolate and compound.

The principal difference between the two systems is in the mixing/kneading/
conching. For compound coatings, only one mixer-kneader is required, since the batch time is between 30 and 60 minutes. For chocolate, several kneader-conches are required depending upon the total production rate and the required conching time. The other difference between the manufacture of compound coatings and chocolate is that the latter requires a finely ground cocoa liquor.

Depending on the food industry and intended product, a wide range of particle size distributions of sugar are required demanding a large flexibility of the mills. While the crystalline sugar types are produced with sieve classifiers, the fine products need to be ground in a mill. Bauermeister offers three different mill types that can satisfy all requirements. Ranging from very fine to coarsely milled sugar, wide or narrow particle size distributions or a low content of fines we can offer a standard or specialized solution that meets your specifications.

Equipment Used

Stirring Bin
Gap Mill
Air Classifier
KN Mixer/Conche

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