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Salt Grinding

Crystalline salt, also known as rock salt or table salt, is a mineral composed of sodium chloride (NaCl). It is usually won from a saline or through evaporation from brine or seawater. It is used for seasoning and preservation of food, de-icing of roads as well as in many industrial processes such as the manufacture of plastics. Depending on the salt origin and extraction process raw salt material can be big chunks (rock salt) or as scabs from the evaporation process. The intended application determines the required particle size distribution of the ground salt and can vary from crystals of a few mm in diameter to a fine powder. This demands a great flexibility of the mills. Bauermeister Universal Mills can cover a wide range of particle sizes, due to its flexibility and different grinding tools. A typical fineness on a Universal Mill is a x99 of 100 µm. If an even finer product is required, Bauermeister Gap Mills are the machine of choice, with a typical particle size of x99 = 30 µm. Coarser products with a low dust content can be produced on Bauermeister Roller Mills.

Roller Mills, Universal Mills and Gap Mills

A high number of Bauermeister mills are in operation for the grinding of salt all around the world. Depending on the required product fineness and output rate an optimal combination of milling parameters is available. These can be determined in trial grindings in our Technology Center. The decision for one of the many different grinding plant variations depends on the general conditions as well as the requirements of the customer. Bauermeister specialists will gladly assist you in the assessment of these characteristics and help chose the correct mill and plant type that matches your requirements.

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