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SAP Grinding

SAP, short for superabsorbent Polymer, is a cross-linked, water-insoluble Polymer which can absorb and retain large amounts of a polar liquid such as water or aqueous solutions. Water is bound between the cross-linked SAP molecules to form a hydrogel. Due to this, SAP is the ideal filler medium for diapers or other sanitary products. Other applications include products for plant irrigation, air drying, waste treatment or the construction industry. The absorptive capacity as well as the SAP particle size should be adjusted to the intended application for ideal results. For example, in the prime market of sanitary products, a very narrow particle size, mainly between 0,1 and 1,0 mm, is required. There should be no dust content and no oversize. For the grinding to the required size, the especially designed Bauermeister Roller Mills with two or three stages and varying corrugations and easily exchangeable gap settings are the ideal machine. If a finer product is targeted, our Universal Mills offer a wide range of possibilities.

Roller Mills and Universal Mills

A high number of Bauermeister roller mills are in operation for the grinding of high quality SAP all around the world. Depending on the required product fineness and output rate an optimal combination of milling parameters is available. These can be determined in trial grindings in our Technology Center. The decision for one of the many different grinding plant variations depends on the general conditions as well as the requirements of the customer. Bauermeister specialists will gladly assist you in the assessment of these characteristics and help choose the correct mill and plant type that matches your requirements.

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