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Roll Feeding Device WSV

Depending on the feed product properties and desired throughput Bauermeister Roller Mills can be equipped with different dosing systems. The Bauermeister Roll Feeding Devices WSV (One- or Two-Roller Feeder) were specially designed for all Bauermeister Roller Mills and enable a precise and continuous dosing along the total length of the main roll. It ensures an even load of the machine and individual-particle comminution even with feed products that are non-homogenous or contain large agglomerates.

This low maintenance feeder can minimize the roll wear of the machine’s main rolls and allows even dosing of non-homogeneous products or products with the tendency to agglomerate.

Product is dosed volumetrically with both versions of the WSV and deagglomerated simultaneously, either between two grooved rolls or between a grooved roll and a slanting plate. All product contact parts are made of stainless steel. The main components are two grooved rolls or one grooved role with a slanting plate and an upstream dosing valve. The roll speed as well as the gap between the rolls allows a continuous adjustment of the feed rate. A closed gap between the rolls or a closed dosing valve ensures a complete stop of product feed, allowing a secure stop of the roller mill. The gap is pre-adjusted mechanically, during operation it is opened and closed pneumatically with the start/stop of the machine to avoid product feed to the machine after stopping the main rolls.

  • Product contact parts in stainless steel
  • Available in various lengths corresponding to all Bauermeister Roller Mill sizes
  • Dust-tight design
  • Two connection points for additional aspiration
  • Geared motor and chain drive
  • Pneumatic as well as mechanical roll adjustment
  • Length and throughput according to the size of the Bauermeister Roller Mill
  • Roll speeds: 5 – 28 rpm
  • One- / two-roller feeding device
  • Laboratory Size for the LRC
  • Aspiration possibility

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