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Soybean Grinding

Soybeans are, next to rape and sunflower seeds in Europe and palm fruit in Asia, one of the largest sources of industrial cooking oils. However, besides being an oil seed, soybeans are often also used to win fibers and proteins. Depending on the intended use different fractions of soya flour or grit must be produced.

Standard particle sizes achieved on Bauermeister mills include:

Very fine flour
99 % < 32 µm
Gap Mill GM + Air Classifier CL
Fine Flour
99 % < 74 µm
Universal Mill UM + Air Classifier CL
99 % < 100 µm
Universal Mill UM + Air Classifier CL
Coarse flour
99 % < 150 µm
Gap Mill GM
99 % > 150 µm
Universal Mill UM
95 % < 1000 µm
Gap Mill GM or Universal Mill UM

Grinding of Oil Seed Press Cake

Many Bauermeister mills are established all around the world for the grinding of full fat soybeans, soya press residue, soya protein enriched grit as well as soybean shells. For every intended product there is an optimal combination of mill pa­ra­me­ters depending on the desired fineness. The right mill setup and integration of the mill into a production plant depend on the general conditions as well as on the individual requirements of every plant operator. For the evaluation of the criteria, Bauermeister specialists are available for a competent consultation.

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