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Laboratory Classifier Mill CLM

Bauermeister has developed a new type of a Classifier and Classifier Mill to be used in test facilities for product and process development. Designed to process small material batches, the Laboratory Classifier and Classifier Mill, model CML can grind and/or classify batches of 1 kg to 20 kg.

In its basic design, the classifier mill is a combination of an impact mill rotor and an air classifier with blade wheel.

With this classifier mill unit, finenesses of up to 97% smaller than 3 micron can be achieved.

Another product separating option is the Bauermeister Spiral Static Classifier which can be used in combination with the classifier mill next to the use as a stand alone unit.

The system can be operated with open air inlet and outlet or in a closed loop system with inert gas. This allows the processing of explosion sensitive materials or temperature sensitive and hydroscopic products. In standard operation, the unit is equipped with a connecting piece for the use of liquid CO2 in combination with an integrated control system for operation at a pre-set temperature.

Bauermeister offers a complete plant mounted on a stand. This basic plant includes the following components:

  • Volumetric feeder with agitated hopper
  • Classifier Mill
  • Product separation by a high efficiency cyclone
  • Product collecting bins with air seal clamps at the discharge of cyclone, filter and air classifier
  • Control panel as a separate unit.

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