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Fertilizer Grinding

Fertilizers are used in agriculture to speed the growth of plants and increase their yield by supplying the plants with the main essential nutrients NPK (nitrate, phosphorus and potassium). Traditional fertilizers include natural products such as manure or chalk, while nowadays mostly the organic fertilizer Urea as well as chemical products or mineral fertilizers (NPK-fertilizers) such as Ammonium nitrate, -sulphate and -phosphate are applied. Grinding fertilizers is used mostly as a granulation step. Bauermeister Mills are widely used for grinding Urea, however Ammonium nitrate, sulphate as well as other chemical fertilizers can be granulated as well. A typical required fertilizer particle size is in granules from 2 to 4 mm. Bauermeister Roller Mills provide the ideal technology for achieving this granulation while generating a minimized amount of dust. If a very fine distribution is required, Bauermeister Universal Mills are the optimal choice.

Roller Mills and Universal Mills

A high number of Bauermeister mills are in operation for the grinding of Urea and chemical fertilizers all around the world. Depending on the product, required granulation and output rate an optimal combination of milling parameters is available. These can be determined in trial grindings in our Technology Center. The decision for one of the many different grinding plant variations depends on the general conditions as well as the requirements of the customer. Bauermeister specialists will gladly assist you in the assessment of these characteristics and help choose the correct mill and plant type that matches your requirements.

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