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Grain Grinding

Grains or cereal grains are the edible seeds of crops in the grass family. They make up a large part of the worldwide food energy, the most common being maize, wheat and rice. Other grains include barley and rye as well as pseudo-cereals such as buckwheat, chia and quinoa. Bauermeister has extensive experience in machinery for the grinding and flaking of various grains ranging from wheat, rice, maize to barley, rye and pseudo-cereals. This includes the grinding of whole grains as well as treated products such as fermented-, flaked-, puffed-, extruded-, roasted- and malted grains. Additionally, grain components such as bran, shells or starch can be ground on Bauermeister Mills.

Flakers, Roller Mills, Universal Mills, Gap Mills and Air Classifiers

Bauermeister Roller Mills can be used for grinding to coarse products such as grits, semolina or a coarse flour. If a fine powder or flour is required a Bauermeister Universal Mill or Gap Mill, depending on feed properties and the intended fineness, is the machine of choice. In addition to grinding of grains, pressing and flaking is another option on Bauermeister Flakers, for example to produce rolled oats. Many Bauermeister mills are established all around the world for the grinding of various grains and grain products. For every application there is an optimal combination of mill parameters depending on the desired fineness and throughput. The right mill setup and integration of the mill into a production plant depend on the general conditions as well as on the individual requirements of every plant operator. For the evaluation of the criteria Bauermeister specialists are available for a com­pe­tent consultation.

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