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Legume Grinding

The dry fruit or seed of a legume plant (Fabaceae) can be used for human or livestock nutrition and is gaining popularity due to its high protein and dietary fibre content. Popular legumes or pulses include dried peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils and lupins.

Dehulled legumes can be ground to a fine powder on either the Bauermeister Universal Mill UM or, if an extra fine powder is required, on the Bauermeister Gap Mill GM. Additionally, Bauermeister Roller mills can be used for an effective dehulling with a minimal breakage of the pulse. If required, Bauermeister offers a proven system for the grinding of the separated hulls as well as the legume into fine powder.

Universal Mills, Gap Mills and Air Classifiers

Many Bauermeister mills are established all around the world for the dry grinding of legumes such as peas, lentils, beans or chickpeas. For every pulse and desired application there is an optimal choice of mill and combination of mill parameters depending on the desired fineness and throughput. The right mill setup and inte­gra­tion of the mill into a production plant depend on the general conditions as well as on the individual requirements of every plant operator. For the evaluation of the criteria Bauermeister specialists are available for a competent consultation.

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