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Laboratory Roller Mill LRC

Trials and test series for product development and process optimization as well as small batch production are the ideal field of application of the Bauermeister Laboratory Roller Mill LRC 250. It is suited for the gentle size reduction of brittle to semi-hard foodstuffs, minerals, plastics or chemical products. A gentle grinding per stage leads to the production of end products with a narrow particle size distribution and a low percentage of fines. The results achieved on the LRC can, in virtue of the same roll diameter, be directly scaled up to Bauermeister production sized Roller Mills such as the series 250.1, 250.2 & 250.3.

Milling parameters such as the grinding gap between the rolls, roll speed as well as roll differential speed are easily and infinitely adjustable. An Easy-Lock roll clamping system allows a straightforward changing of a roll in less than a minute. A wide range of available roll profiles from smooth to different corrugations round up the LRC as the perfect machine for product development as well as process optimization. Trial grinding can be carried out with samples as small as 0.5 kg per run.

The grinding chamber and the product collecting bin are of stainless steel. The grinding process can be monitored and assessed through an acrylic glass cover plate. Each roll has a separate drive motor controlled by a frequency converter. Roll gap adjustment is carried out with a micrometer screw and can be adjusted infinitely between 0.1 and 15 mm. A simulation of multiple grinding steps with different rolls is possible.

  • Dust-tight design, assembled ready for operation
  • Vibration feeder or roller feeder and feed hopper in stainless steel
  • Grinding chamber and ground product collection bin in stainless steel
  • Transparent, acrylic glass cover plate for process observation
  • Easy roll change by manually operated hydraulic Easy-Lock system
  • Infinite gap adjustment by means of a precision spindle
  • Roll speed individually and infinitely adjustable between 0 and 12 m/s
  • Roll retraction safety system to prevent roll damage in case of impurities contained in the feed material
  • Roll diameter: 250 mm
  • Roll length: 80 mm
  • Drive: 2 x 1.5 kW
  • Roll circumferential speed: 0 – 12 m/s
  • Rolls: smooth or various corrugations
  • Product feed: vibration or screw feeder or roll feeding device (laboratory size WSV)
  • Special design with product collecting bin for continuous operation available
  • Aspiration for dedusting of the grinding chamber possible

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