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Iron Sulphate Grinding

Iron (II) Sulphate, also known as ferrous sulphate or -sulfate, is the generic term for a variety of iron salts. It exists in different hydrated forms as FeSO4∙xH2O with up to seven water molecules. This heptahydrate is the most common form of iron sulphate and is characterized by its blue-green color. Applications of iron sulphate range from medical purposes, for iron deficiency treatment, to industrial ones. The main industrial application is as a precursor to iron compounds and as a reducing agent. It can also be used as a fertilizer for soil amendment and as a colorant for many different materials. For all these applications a high surface area is essential, which can be achieved by grinding the iron sulphate to the desired particle size on a Bauermeister Roller MillGap Mill or Universal Mill.

Roller Mills, Universal Mills and Gap Mills

A high number of Bauermeister mills are in operation for the grinding of iron sulphate all around the world. Depending on the required product fineness and output rate an optimal combination of milling parameters is available. These can be determined in trial grindings in our Technology Center. The decision for one of the many different grinding plant variations depends on the general conditions as well as the requirements of the customer. Bauermeister specialists will gladly assist you in the assessment of these characteristics and help choose the correct mill and plant type that matches your requirements.

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