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Cutting Mill US11

Bauermeister cutting mills operate successfully in a wide range of applications for cutting, crushing or pre-grinding dry soft to medium-hard materials such as spices, vegetables, herbs etc. into a flowable material. The US11 cutting mills are mainly used for the pre-grinding of large products or deagglomerating large lumps before feeding the material into a Universal Mill or Gap Mill for fine grinding.

The material to be ground is fed into the mill by gravity, cut between the rotating and stationary blades and then discharged through the screen at the bottom part of the housing. Due to the variable rotor speed and ex­change­able screen inserts, particle sizes of a few centimetres down to 1 mm are reached. Depending on the product as well as the desired fineness, a throughput of up to 1000 kg/h can be achieved on a US11.

  • Easily installable into a process or plant
    • Small footprint
    • Feed: hopper or by a dosing feeder
    • Discharge: holding tank or directly into bags
  • Easy to maintain, minimal downtime
  • Rotor: 3 adjustable, wear-resistant blades
  • Housing: 3 stationary round blades, each with 6 grinding edges
  • Removable cover for easy access to the grinding chamber
  • Drive motor with overload protection
  • Rotor diameter: 250 mm
  • Drive power: 3 kW
  • V-belt drive
  • Feed hopper: 50 L
  • Weight: 500 kg (plant) / 150 kg (mill)
  • Throughput: up to 1000 kg/h
  • E.g. Chilies: 500 kg/h, 1-5 mm final particle size
  • Stand-alone machine with feed hopper and direct discharge into bags beneath the mill


  • Integration into process as pre-grinder

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