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Nut Grinding

Fruit seeds with a hard shell and an edible core are commonly referred to as nuts. They have a high energy density and are rich in nutrients. Nuts can grow on trees, like walnuts and almonds, in shrubs (hazelnuts) or on the roots of plants like peanuts.

A roasting process is often carried out to improve the flavor of the nuts after breaking and removing the shells in industrial production. For further industrial processing a grinding step is usually required. The high fat content of nuts (up to 70 %) inhibits a direct grinding to a fine flour or powder. Bauermeister offers different mills that allow a granulation of the nuts or a fine grinding into a pumpable nut mass, depending on the requirements. Additionally, Bauermeister mills can be used for fine grinding of press cake (residue of nut oil production) into a fine powder.

Roller Mills, Beater Blade Mills, Universal Mills and Gap Mills

Bauermeister Roller Mills with two or more stages allow for a gentle granulation of nuts. This prevents the pressing of large nut particles into flakes and possible fat seepage. Depending on the number of stages, roll corrugations and grinding gaps a nut granules matching the requirements can be produced ranging down to a few millimeters in size.

Nut pastes used for confectionary products as fillings or creams as well as for bread spreads such as peanut butter or hazelnut spreads can be produced on the Bauermeister Beater Blade Mill SMM. If an even finer paste is required the specially designed version of the Bauermeister Gap Mill GM equipped with a cooling system, storage tank and paste discharge is available. This fine nut paste is favored especially in the cosmetics industry.

Due to its remaining fat content of usually about 10 %, grinding of press cake from nut oil production can still prove to be difficult. Depending on the product and required particle size, Bauermeister Universal Mills or Roller Mills can grind the press cake into a fine powder.

Many Bauermeister mills are established all around the world for the granulation or liquifying of nuts or the grinding of press cake. For every application there is an optimal combination of mill parameters depending on the desired fineness and throughput. The right mill setup and integration of the mill into a production plant depend on the general conditions as well as on the individual requirements of every plant operator. For the evaluation of the criteria Bauermeister specialists are available for a competent consultation.

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