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Key Components For The Fertilizer Industry
Fertilizer Grinding
Product target:
  • chemical fertilizer for agriculture

Mill input:
  • grinding of crystals within the
     production process

Reason for grinding:
  • seed crystal for the crystallization

Typical grain sizes:
  • < 2.0 mm

Important plant requirements:
  • robust layout for continuous
  • freedom from dust

Chemical Grinding
Product target:
  • manufacturing of washing powder,
     powdered pigment, catalyzer and
     many more

Mill input:
  • grinding of granulate, scab, crystals

Reason for grinding:
  • fast surface reactions
  • adjustment of the color intensity
  • changing of the bulk weight
  • changing of the flow behavior
  • improvement of the miscibility
  • opening of mixtures
  • sorting of mixtures
  • many more

Typical grain sizes:
  • from < 1.0 mm up to < 0.1 mm

Important plant requirements:
  • freedom from dust
  • dust explosion protection
  • suitability for toxic products
  • suitability for corrosive products
  • flexibility in product fineness
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Roll Crusher 250.1 Roll Crusher 250.2
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Roll Crusher 250.3 Roll Crusher 350/400
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Roller Mill UW 300 Lab Roll Crusher LRC-250