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KN Mixer/Conche


Originally designed as a chocolate conche, the Bauermeister KN Mixer/Conche is ideal for applications which require the blending of dry and liquid materials into a uniform homogenized mix. Available in six sizes, it provides a reliable, automatic solution in a wide variety of blending and kneading applications. Ingredient handling, bulk and liquid weighing, and metering contribute to a high consistency in the finished product. The unit is built to operate accurately with a minimum of supervision. Bauermeister complete mixing packages include the mixer kneader along with an operation control unit to ensure accurate metering, feeding, mix time, temperature control and other operating variables. Bauermeister also provides complete installation, start-up and support services.

Key Features
• Available in batch sizes from 110 Ibs. to 6600 Ibs
• Welded/bolted double trough design
• Two shafts with special kneading elements
• Water jacketed trough
• Mild and stainless steel design
• Drives from 7.5 hp to 150 hp
• Efficient unsurpassed mixing action generates rapid mixing and reduces dwell time for a wide range of materials
• Elimination of "dead zones” in the trough insures uniform mixed product
• Easily accessible design simplifies dismantling, maintenance and cleaning
• Mixes a variety of dry, pasty and liquid components to a smooth, homogenized paste of uniform consistency


• Available from 40 cubic foot to 170 cubic foot sizes and larger.
• Constructed of mild steel or stainless steel.




• Chocolate Compounds
• Chocolate Conche
• Confectionery Pastes
• Paints and Inks
• Plastics
• Glues
• Salves and Ointments
• Electrodes
• Other Compound Applications