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Double Acting Pin Mill


The Bauermeister counter-rotating pin mill UMP 4.4N Ex has been developed for cocoa pulverising. Between two pinned discs rotating in opposite directions, the cocoa press cake is disagglomerated and crushed.

• Central feed of the cocoa press cake via hollow shafts (on door and housing sides) into the mill interior.
• Wear-resistant design of the pinned discs.
• Safe and trouble-free process control in continuous operation due to, among other things, smooth surfaces. Ra<0.8.
• Pressure surge protected design up to 10 bar overpressure and compliance with the ATEX directive 94/9/EU.


• Cocoa




• Opening of the door by linear pulling-out via guide pins.
• No disassembly of the motors / v-belts when opening the door, because one motor is mounted on the housing and one motor on the door.
• Fast cleaning of the mill interior space thanks to smooth suraces
Ra < 0.8.
• Designed as wide chamber housing to minimize accumulations and prevent blocking of the mill in case of high fat contents of 22-24%.
• Optimum adjustment o pin rows and speed for gentle grinding of the cocoa press cake at optimum particle fineness.
• Additional cooling of the process air possible via by-pass.


• The cocoa press cake is centrally fed between two rotating pinned discs via hollow shafts.
• The cocoa press cake is fed in on the door side and on the housing side.
• By impact and shearing loadds the press cake is disagglomerated and crusehd between the pins.
• Process air and centrifugal forces convey the product through the rotating pinned discs step by step outwards between the pins.
• The particle size can be influenced byt he speed of the rotating pinned discs.