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Beater Blade Mill


The Bauermeister Beater Blade Mill (SMM) is used for the continuous grinding of raw material into a liquid. The materials primarily processed are ones with a high oil content, such as, pre-dried and roasted cocoa nibs, nuts and almonds. The mill, however, will also grind non-fatty material as long as it can tolerate the addition of water or oil to make it into a slurry.

• High throughput, up to 4,000 kgs/h, at constant particle size.
• Sieves are available in sizes 0.15 mm to 0.5 mm to achieve different finenesses.
• Easy replacement of blades and sieve.
• Economical operation, low in cost, high in performance.
• Low energy consumption.
• Easy access for simple maintenance.
• Uniform consistency of the ground particles.





Alkalized or similarly pre-treated cocoa nibs:

  SMM 800
SMM 1100
SMM 1300
sieve .25 mm 1,200 2,000 3,000
sieve .20 mm 1,000 1,700 2,500

Untreated cocoa nibs, otherwise as above:

  SMM 800
SMM 1100
SMM 1300
sieve .25 mm 900 1,800 2,700
sieve .20 mm ----- 1,600 1,900

  SM 1100.1 SM 1300.1
Dia. of Grinding Chamber 1.140 mm 1.320 mm
Height of Grinding Chamber: 460 mm 460 mm
Connected Load 110 kW 160 kW
Dosing Screw: 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Number of Beater Blades 8 8