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Key Components For Dry Grind Compound Coating
Bauermeister dry grinding coating systems produce compound coatings, work exclusively on chocolate or can produce both chocolate and compound.

The principal difference between the two systems is in the mixing/kneading/
conching. For compound coatings, only one mixer-kneader is required, since the batch time is between 30 and 60 minutes. For chocolate, several kneader-conches are required depending upon the total production rate and the required conching time. The other difference between the manufacture of compound coatings and chocolate is that the latter requires a finely ground cocoa liquor.

The process is fairly straightforward and starts with weighing and pre-mixing the dry ingredients, such as sugar, milk powder, cocoa, etc. according to the recipe. This procedure can be automated using pneumatic or mechanical conveying, or by manually dumping the dry ingredients into a weigh scale. From here, the pre-weighed ingredients move into the pre-mixer, prior to entering the grinding and classifying system which generates a predetermined particle size with a narrow particle size distribution. The finely ground product with the desired particle size passes to the product receiver, whereas, the "overs" or larger particles are returned to the mill for regrinding. Bauermeister’s system maximizes the efficiency of both the mill and air classifier. In Addition, this also gives better control of the airflow and temperature. The finely ground product then passes into the Kneader-Conche where it undergoes a specific conching process along with the remaining ingredients, such as cocoa butter or vegetable fat, cocoa liquor, lecithin and any other liquid ingredient.
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